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Really dope video from my homeboy Kahlee Has a great message to it, dope beat and sharp lyricism. Sign me up for that all day.

Made the video for the bangin’ crunk remix over the Crime Mob “Knuck if U Buck” Instrumental. Check out my new website as well!


Something I whipped up this weekend, look out for my new project on the way.



Real proud of my dude¬†Andrew Lloyd aka Drewsthatdude. Drew is a multi-platinum producer (Lil Wayne, Mac Miller etc) and he just dropped a fire instrumental album called Kami. He is a musical genius and this album takes you on a musical ride for sure. My personal favorites were “JFK” and “Radiophonic”. You can get more gems from him on his soundcloud¬†or his official site


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Was limited in videos for this project so theres only a few I will make. This song is real popular right now on Soundcloud. That feel good, vintage vibe! Make sure you grab the Mixtape if you haven’t already. Grab the Clean and/or dirty mp3 below as well.







00 - Front Cover

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00 - Front Cover

BSB Back 2

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1.Juicy Pound Cake [Feat. Miss Kami]
2.4 My Peeps
3.Wanna Be A Baller
4.U Fuckin The Boss Tonight
5.Victory [Feat. Busta Rhymes]
6.Who Shot Ya?
7.Hood Hop [Feat. 2pac & Nas]
8.Lyrical Control [Feat. Method Man]
9.Young Goonies Perspective
10.Big Poppa
11.Dreams Of Fuckin An R&B Bitch
12.The 10 Crack Commandments
13.Me and My Bitch
14.You’ll See
15.Noah Jones – Jackin 4 Biggie Beats
16.Dead Wrong
17.Somebodys Gotta Die
19.99 Problems But a Gat Aint One
20.I Got A Story To Tell
21.Whatchu Want?
22.Real Ni**as Do Real Things
23.Oochie Wally
24.Trizznathaniel [Feat. Big Pun & Funk Flex]
25.Going Back To Cali
26.Nasty Girl
27.House Of Pain [Feat. 2pac]
28.Pain Feat. [Eminem]

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