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Really dope video from my homeboy Kahlee Has a great message to it, dope beat and sharp lyricism. Sign me up for that all day.

Made the video for the bangin’ crunk remix over the Crime Mob “Knuck if U Buck” Instrumental. Check out my new website as well!


Something I whipped up this weekend, look out for my new project on the way.



Real proud of my dude Andrew Lloyd aka Drewsthatdude. Drew is a multi-platinum producer (Lil Wayne, Mac Miller etc) and he just dropped a fire instrumental album called Kami. He is a musical genius and this album takes you on a musical ride for sure. My personal favorites were “JFK” and “Radiophonic”. You can get more gems from him on his soundcloud or his official site


Download Mp3 Here

Was limited in videos for this project so theres only a few I will make. This song is real popular right now on Soundcloud. That feel good, vintage vibe! Make sure you grab the Mixtape if you haven’t already. Grab the Clean and/or dirty mp3 below as well.